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There’s a top ten writing rules meme going around. I’m pretty sure I could come up with ten, but the one my mother most often reminds me of is “A famous writer once told me you can’t fix what’s not on the page, so you better get writing.” I suspect that’s pretty much the most important one, for me.

Facebook’s latest new improved interface is so clogged up I’ve largely stopped using it for anything besides updating my own status, which is really boring. Not sure how much longer I can convince myself it’s worth the bother. Twitter’s interface is less irritating, but the status update problem remains the same. It’d be much easier (for me, you understand) if people would just read my blog….

Um. It’s been a really very quiet few days. I haven’t left the house since Saturday, which can’t be good. Yesterday I went back and re-read what I’d written for SPIRIT DANCES (Walker Papers #6) and decided it started in the wrong place. I had, however, very cleverly also previously written a couple other chapters which I’d thought were starting in the wrong place, and now I think they maybe started in the right place after all. So after a bit of jiggery-pokery to get things settled together tidily and today’s word wars, the manuscript is already suddenly 75 pages long. This is an unusually nice way to start writing a book, and if I can figure out how to do it again in the future without much effort on my part I shall repeat the experience. (It’s the “not much effort” bit that’s tricky…)

ytd wordcount: 77,000

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