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5 (?) things make a post

1. Ardian Syaf will be lead artist on DC’s upcoming GREEN LANTERN CORPS title. Key phrase: Source “Artist to Watch” Ardian Syaf … has put together a remarkable resume [in less than a year] including BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN, PHANTOM STRANGER and an arc on SUPERMAN/BATMAN. Not too shabby, eh? *beams like a fool* Go Ardian.

2. Last night, watching Leverage, the following conversation ensued:

Kit: Wow, Christian Kane is really cute with glasses.
Ted: Yeah, but he’s not your type.
Kit: He’s not?
Ted: Of course not. He’s built like me.

My husband knows me so well. *laughs* :)

3. Sharon Lee talks about the myth of the wealthy writer.

4. Pursuant to yesterday’s post, there are still two sets of FIREBIRD DECEPTION and PHOENIX LAW (and rather a lot more copies of PHOENIX, if people just want it) up for sale if anybody wants ‘em.

5. I guess thing #5 is metrics, ’cause I can’t think of anything else right now. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 122.2
ytd wordcount: 64,500
ytd km swum: 22.5

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