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pretty busy month

I have written just a smidge under 40K in January, and when I say “just a smidge” I mean “100 words”. If I was feeling slightly more ambitious I’d probably write another hundred, except if I did that the chapter would be at about 1750 words and then I’d have to write it up to 2000. I’m not that ambitious. :)

I have also copyedited two books and done half the galleys on one of them too. It’s been a pretty busy month.

WAYFINDER (the novel formerly known as WORLDBREAKER) is at about 68K now, which is some 10.5K longer than it was on, oh, Friday. Tomorrow’s goal for the train ride is to get it up to 70K, which will leave me 40K to write over the next 3 weeks. For some reason, 40K is much less intimidating to consider than 50K.

Lovely day today besides the wordcount, too. Well, except the part where it more or less started at 4am when a bunch of drunk, though cheerful, gamers spent over an hour getting into their room (it later transpired that both people with the keys had gone home with the early group–who were loud around midnight–and thanks to that poor planning it took a long, long time for them to get into the building and then into their rooms) and then settling down to sleep. One of them had a laugh which I spent rather a lot of time between 4 and 5am trying to properly categorize. Ultimately I decided he sounded like a peacock laughing. It was awful.

Mostly because of that, I think, my attempt at writing at the B&B this morning was met with waves of huge sleepiness, so at a quarter to eleven I trundled out and to my relief discovered the Butler’s Chocolate Cafe opened at 11. Armed with a peppermint hot chocolate, I sat in a corner and wrote for two hours, then bobbled off to lunch with natural20 and irishkate. That was altogether lovely, though I was a terrible cruel person and departed after a mere 90 minutes, in order to get more writing done. Kate rejoined me later and we hung out a bit, then I ensconced myself in the Victoria Hotel lobby to await Ted, and got a bit more writing done before dinner.

All in all, a very successful day and a very successful long weekend. Yay!

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 96.6
ytd wordcount: 39,900

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