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the best-laid plans

Fortunately, I had mentally scheduled today as a Day Of Other Things, rather than a Working Day. This is good, because it turned out to be entirely a day of other things and no working at all. I didn’t leave the house at all over the weekend, but I made up for it in spades today. Ye gods. Nothing exciting, just busy stuff.

I have regretfully decided to take a leave of absence from the group writing blog Magical Words. I love the site, I love participating in it (oh, how happy I was to be invited! I wanted so much to be part of a group writing blog!), but I’ve been struggling to keep up with my posts there, and with the next several months as deadline-ridden as they are, it’s one of the few things I can step back from without–to put it in frankly mercenary terms–affecting the bottom line. Hopefully I’ll start up again there in September, but for right now I’ll just become a commenter and reader like so many other people are.

Arright. Gonna go pack for Cork for the weekend and go to bed. *splat*

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 73.9
ytd km swum: 18.5

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