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all about the worldwalker duology

Copyedits were going along swimmingly today, me having achieved 180 pages worth of ‘em and feeling like hey, I was going to make my 200 page goal without a problem, when I turned the page to a new chapter, saw through the page that there was a CE note on the next page (I couldn’t, mind you, *read* it, I just saw it was there), and thought, “Oh, fuck you.” I was clearly done at that point. :)

The good news, though, is that having gotten more than 2/3rds of the way through the manuscript, I am willing to concede that it may not entirely suck. Also, somewhat to my amusement, I’ve finally realized that these books are a fairy tale, plain and simple. You’d think with an elevator pitch of “Lara Jansen can hear the truth or lie in anything she’s told, so when the new man in her life claims to be a prince of Faerie, she must believe him” I might have figured that out earlier, but, well, no. Not so much. :)

Oh, speaking of these books, the second book has been (re)named WAYFINDER. Which, since it was my original title for the book, is something I’m perfectly happy with. So the book I’ve been working on, formerly known as WORLDBREAKER, will be WAYFINDER from here on out. Starting whenever I finish copyedits and get back to it, anyway…

Once more, I’m sure I had other things to talk about, but my exciting “all book all the time” life has driven them out of my head. So I’m off to make cookies and watch NCIS. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 59.2
ytd km swum: 16

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