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I was not feeling enthusiastic this morning, despite approximately 9 hours of dead sleep. I wasn’t feeling *bad*, you understand, I just didn’t want to get up, particularly, but the taxi was on its way* and so I got up and went and swam. And partway home started feeling absolutely horrible, all nauseated and dizzy, which is very probably because I hadn’t put my hat on because it seemed so warm out, and I think my body temperature went “AGHGLGLHBLBLGHAAAAH DO NOT WANT”, so upon arriving home I went back to bed for two hours. And I decided that any day that began with nausea and a two hour nap was a day not meant to be, so I’m taking it off. There will be NCIS in my immediate future. :)

…and more copyedits in my near-to-immediate future, as the TRUTHSEEKER copyedits have landed. And, sniff, I might not get to keep my title (WORLDBREAKER) for the second book, because my editor rightfully points out it sort of has an SFnal sound to it, which is All Wrong for what is in effect a fairy tale. But it’s such a good title! :) And, oh dear, the CEs have to be back in New York earlier than anticipated; by the 29th, not the 6th, which is what I thought I’d been told. So I need to have ‘em out of here by the 22nd. Pother. Ah well, that’s what this job is all about, moving targets…

*laugh* That reminds me of a conversation over on Facebook, where somebody said “Hanging with the authors on twitter has ruined my visions of how writers write. Wordcount!Wordcount!Deadline!! There’s no ‘all mysteriously inspired, maybe something of tortured must-write-can’t-do anything-else.’ I KNOW better but still.” I don’t think most jobs are very romantic from the inside. :) I think it was James McAvoy whom my father overhead say, as he (both James and Dad; Dad was an extra) was sitting around waiting between takes while they redressed the set during the filming of “Becoming Jane”, “God this job is boring!” :)

You know, if I were a really good person I’d use today as a day off to work on a bursary grant application, as I believe they’re due next week. Yeah. Thursday next. Hrm. (She said with a distinct lack of go-to-it-ness.) (Oh hey! they changed the rules! Maximum 10 pages for a literary grant application, instead of minimum! Hm!)

I haven’t been paying attention to Pat Robertson, because he’s a hateful person and I try not to clutter my life with paying attention to hateful persons, but even without paying attention it’s hard to have missed some of his comments about Haiti. A couple of people have posted wonderful God Responds To Pat Robertson links, complete with Princess Bride references. (Hat-tip to rfrancis and suricattus for the links.)

*This taxi thing continues to be the best and worst idea we’ve implemented recently. There is absolutely No Way we would have gone to the gym daily for the past two weeks without it. Ted and I, in discussing this on the way home yesterday, agreed that the problem is humans are pretty much inherently lazy, and without some kind of expectation from others in place, it’s just much too easy to let things slide. In high school, he said, we had coaches who expected us to turn up to practice, and parents who would bring us there. This in no way prepares one for a world where you’re expected to get your own self there without any outside help. In retrospect, it seems silly that we have spent so many years with gym memberships but no particular arrangement for the outside help part (gym partners who don’t live with us, for example, or a physical trainer (too expensive for the likes of us!), or, heck, a taxi, though I can’t imagine ever having gone the taxi route while we owned a car). Humans: not only lazy, but also not too bright. :)

Work Schedule:
Jan 22: TRUTHSEEKER copy edits due
Feb 01: DEMON HUNTS AAs due
Jun 30: New book proposals due

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 42.5
ytd km swum: 10

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