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Today is my Chance artist Ardian Syaf’s 30th birthday. I started working with him a few weeks after his 25th birthday, when he had no professional comics credit worth mentioning. Now he’s one of DC Comics hot up-and-coming artists. It’s been a good five years for him. :) (”muuch better than what I was expected :)”, he says :)) I still can’t think about him and his career and his successes without beaming like an idiot. *beams like an idiot* :)

Having reassured myself on the topic of WORLDBREAKER’s pacing, I chugged just a smidge past 50K today. There’s part of my tiny little brain going “You could make 60K by Friday night!”, which might even be true, but it would mean doing Nothing Else Thursday and Friday, and probably swimming and leaving the house a bit would be better for me. (Ah for those halcyon days where starting writing at 7am meant I could get 7-8K done and still have time to get out of the house. I remember thee fondly, halcyon days…) Anyway, so I’m pleased with that.

And holy carp! Doing electronic copyedits means it takes them about 38 seconds to get the author alterations back to me! So now I’m, er, passing the buck and giving my parents the opportunity to whitewash the fenceread the DEMON HUNTS manuscript and look for tyops and things what aren’t clear while I do the TRUTHSEEKER copyedits, which are due to arrive on the doorstep At Any Moment Now. This is a very busy month for edits, which is sort of unusual. I don’t normally have 3 sets at once.

Sorry, this is my life, mid-book. All writing all the time. Although we did LEAVE THE HOUSE today. On FOOT, even, without killing ourselves, and had a relatively brisk walk downtown where we did a bit of shopping before retreating to Mom & Dad’s to have dinner. (Their offer was pork roast. Our option at home was fish & chips. Noooo contest. :))

Jan-Feb 2010 Work Schedule:
Feb 01: DEMON HUNTS AAs due
Feb 06: TRUTHSEEKER copy edits due

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 38.5
ytd km swum: 8
ytd wordcount: 20,200

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