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Possibly the best headline ever: Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo. :)

Despairing of WORLDBREAKER’s pacing, I gave up and printed it out today to sit down and read it through, convinced I would need to cut 10K from the first 30K in order to make it readable.

Fourteen out of 19 chapters in, I’m pretty sure what it needs is to be 120K long, instead of 100. The pacing actually seems really good–there’s one scene that might need cutting, or it might be setting up for something later in the book–but I think there’s just too much story to fit into 100K. So I emailed my editor, got a deadline extension, and am now aiming for an additional 70K instead of 50K on the book. Right now, the extra time before delivery is psychologically *more* than making up for the extra 20K. It is by no means license to slack off, but the extended date may make the daily slog less panic-inducing; there’ll be a bit less of the AGH IF I DO NOT GET ALL MY WORDS TODAY I AM DOOOOMED!!!!!!! thing to it. That kind of mentality can be a writing block all by itself.

So. Well. I shall still have to hope that SPIRIT DANCES (which appears to be the title for the sixth Walker Papers novel) goes Quite Smoothly Indeed in order to get it in by mid-April, but that was always going to be the case. And I’m feeling a bit of “I will do what I can and that will manage to be enough” about it all anyway, possibly because I’m not yet actually working on it. :) But *ffssshh*, that’s a worry for later. For now, 5.5 weeks to deadline, and that’s MUCH less stressy-sounding. Yay!

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 36
ytd km swum: 7

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