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slip-slidin’ away

The promised snowstorm has not materialized, but it’s warmed up enough that everything is slicker than snot. Our cabbie could not get up the hill leading out of our estate (he was giving it waaaay too much gas, and should have been aiming for the narrow band of still-snowy not-yet-ice at the edge of the road, neither of which we, the Alaskans, felt he would take well if we mentioned) until Ted got out and pushed. The normally 35 minute walk home from the gym took an hour, for heaven’s sake. I’m tempted to not leave the house again until it all melts, except that’s not very practical. As it is if we weren’t going to the gym there would be days on end when I *didn’t* leave the house.

I’ve gotten about two thirds of DEMON HUNTS copyedited. I have to say that now I’ve learned how to use the track changes for copyedits, I’m finding it a singularly superior way to *do* copyedits. Also, I’m really enjoying the book, which isn’t particularly normal for this stage of the game, so I think you guys are gonna like it a lot. :)

thinks to do:
- update wordpress
- add mw.n to cem.n
- resubscribe to sfn list
- try to remember the important thinks i’m forgetting

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 35
ytd km swum: 6

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