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Big gwurk

Ted’s been doing a lot of big gwurk around the house the past few days. Our Ikea stuff arrived on the 31st, so he put together a new block shelf set, which has replaced one standard bookcase and one small in the living room, and a tall partially glass-doored cabinet/shelf, which has replaced another standard and small bookcase in the kitchen. The smallest bookcase ended up in the hall, replacing a third standard sized one, which has reduced the visual impact in the hall by about 300%.

He moved the futon from the room we call the Back Forty because of its preposterous size into the living room, moved the double bed from one end of the Back Forty to the other, and put one of the chairs from the living room, all three standard bookcases, and the last smaller bookcase, into the half of the Forty left empty by the bed. Next week, after the bike tent has arrived so the bikes can go live outdoors instead of in the computer room, he plans to also move the computer into the Back Forty, and at some point we’ll get a small sewing table for me to put in there. The Back Forty will then become the guest/computer room, finally utilizing the space which we’ve had for 18 months and almost never used.

He’s moved the larger chunk of his cookbooks to the Back Forty shelves, where they’ll be available to peruse while sitting at the computer. He tightened all the kitchen table bolts so it’s no longer wobbly, and swung it around so it’s lengthways when you come into the kitchen/dining room, making the room seem much bigger. He put the wellwall-hung spice rack, which I bought him four years ago for Christmas, up, and filled it with spices, which emptied out an entire cupboard shelf and created room to move things from the counter into shelving. He moved all the crystal wine glasses and beautiful Venetian colored glass water glasses into the glass-doored cabinet, so they’re both displayed and easily available for actual use. He cleaned the kitchen within an inch of its life, and has done the same to the adjoining laundry room.

He also tightened up the coffee table bolts, so it’s no longer in danger of rocking apart. He took things from the coffee table and secreted them behind the Red Doors in the new block shelves. He moved the remaining bookshelf to the other end of the room and put the CD racks where the shelves had been. He boxed up the books to bring to Chapters. He went through at least one box of Junk and threw most of it away. He sorted unused shoes and no-longer-wanted clothes and boxed them to take to a charity shop. He has plans to sort through the enormous number of dead electronics, useless cables, and random boxes to score what’s necessary to keep and to throw the rest away. The extraneous computer desk is to be disassembled and binned. TV on DVD which we’ve watched will go upstairs to live on the Back Forty Shelves, as will many of the books.

And he noticed that the Colin Firth version of Pride & Prejudice was on TV all afternoon today, and told me so that I could record it, ’cause I’ve never seen it.

During all of this, I wrote about 5000 words and looked very admiring at him.

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