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Know what my resolution last year was? To floss. It was probably the most achievable resolution I’ve ever set, and indeed, I achieved it. I established a habit which had escaped me through ten or more years of vaguely feeling it should be a habit.

Sadly, I can’t think of anything as absolutely simple and achievable for the upcoming year. I can think of plenty of things I’d like to do. Exercise, for example, that perennial resolution. Well, the taxi in the morning plan works brilliantly, so I don’t see that as being so much of a difficulty. Not quite sure utilizing somebody else’s arrival on the doorstep to make myself get up and exercise exactly counts as resolutionary type behavior, though. Smart, yes, resolutionary, eh, not so much.

Other things I’d like to do, without any particular expectation of *doing* them:

- study Spanish
- finish redesigning kitsnaps and turn it into a commercial site
- figure out how to advertise photography, for that matter
- draw a bit
- eat better (regular exercise tends to make me want to eat better, so the taxi scheme will probably actually help achieve that one)
- start practicing the tin whistle again, now that I’ve thoroughly forgotten anything I’d managed to learn :)
- oh yeah, also learn to knit a little more
- and make at least one of the long coats I have a pattern for

Thing is, though, none of that is stuff I feel like making a resolution about. It just all falls under “it’d be nice,” which is fine. It’s not like resolutions are a critical part of modern life, though if I could think of one as anti-climactic but useful as flossing, I’d probably make it. :)

Anybody out there in readerland made any good resolutions?

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