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It’s the little things, I tell you. is redesigned with all the lower pages tucked into the new format (except IMMORTAL BELOVED, which I have some intention of making into a PDF rather than thirty individual HTML files). I’d kind of intended to Launch It At Midnight Of The New Year, but apparently decided I couldn’t be bothered to be that dramatic. Anyway, so that’s sorted and I don’t have to think about it anymore.

WORLDBREAKER has reached 28.2K. I expect I’ll hit 30K tomorrow, which is…well. If not my year-end *goal*, at least my year-end *expectation*. I had vague hopes of hitting 40K, but fffssht. Fffshht, sez I.

Meantime, my Luna editor is trying to kill me, as I received (electronic) copy edits this afternoon and a “production wants to know if you can get these back by the 6th” note with them. I said no, as I can’t stop writing WORLDBREAKER to focus entirely on CEs, so it’ll have to be an evening job. Worse, I have to figure out how the #$%$(*)& to cope with the electronicness of the edits, as I am possibly the world’s least capable person when it comes to Track & Change Edits with Word. It is so unintuitive my head spins. But, well. *shrugs* What can you do?

Okay. Dinner now, and then I suppose some sort of stab at these edits, at least for a while…

ytd wordcount: 279,800

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