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My bwain is aww gone. Mostly from spending a lot of the evening doing grunt-level work on website redesign (almost done, but I don’t suppose anybody’s got some kind of nifty code thing that would strip HTML from 30 separate files and combine them into a reasonably manuscript-formatted .doc file? Anyone? Anyone? I might not need it, I haven’t checked to see if I’ve got the book in a .doc form already (or more like ’still’) or not, but y’know, hope springs eternal).

I have narrowly broken 25K on WORLDBREAKER. Only 75K to go. Before January 31st. *headdesk* Shooting for 30K by year’s end, should probably make it, but January’s going to be a real Nanowrimo Is For Weenies month. And my mommy has instructed me not to think about anything beyond that for fear I’ll give into despair. :)

It is, as that very same Mommy so delicately said, slicker than snot on a glass doorknob out there. There’s rain on top of ice, and wind blowing the water. It’s like breakup in Alaska, only less deep. So we’ve barely left the house the last week, for fear of killing ourselves on the ice. Nobody in Ireland, including our own good selves, is prepared for this!

Hey, tomorrow’s the last day to play in the Christmas give-away contest at Magical Words.

Christmas was lovely in these here parts. I’ll post some family peektures sometime this week. Meantime, it’s off to bed so I can get up and write Whole Bunches before the year ends…

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 20
ytd wordcount: 277,700

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