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I had no idea posting about the temperature of my house would provide such a platform for discussion. O.O

Although we went to bed at a very sensible hour last night, the alarm clock this morning was quite a rude awakening. I’m quite sure that had I not arranged for a taxi already, we wouldn’t have gotten up. But I had, and we did, and this driver didn’t take us on the longest route possible and the trip cost €2 less than yesterday’s. I have engaged this fellow for tomorrow morning’s trip to the gym as well. So there. That’ll teach the other guy to be a bastard.

Today turned out to be more full of errands than expected, so I didn’t write my whole chapter. Bad Kit. I got about 1400 words, though, and tomorrow should be errandless so I will put the auld nose to the grindstone and make up for what I didn’t get done today. Also, I keep thinking today is Wednesday, probably because Friday and Saturday we’ll be in Dublin (to go to Ikea on Friday, ai, and to go to Breic’s SEVENTH birthday party on Saturday! Wow!) so I’m only looking at a 4-day work week, which must mean Friday is coming up faster than it is, so today must be Wednesday. Only it’s Tuesday, and that’s confusing.

I…am going to dig the tree out of the closet now, and make some effort toward setting it up. And after that I may wrap a present or two, or at least find the wrapping paper.

Ted is making enchiladas for dinner. They smell sooooooo good, and I am sooooo hungry! :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 103.5
ytd km swum: 46
ytd wordcount: 260,800

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