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new swimsuit

I has gotten a new swimsuit which fits my tubby little self even though I ate all the food in America west of the Mississippi. Really, I’m pretty sure I did. So now, armed with my new swimsuit, the only thing stopping me from daily swim workouts is the terrible difficulty of getting to the gym.

I had been thinking earlier today that the one thing I really wish we had a car for was /going/ to the gym. It’s…I donno, a mile and a halfish? Maybe two miles? 30 or 40 minutes walk at my none-too-hurried pace. I could bike, but biking, like walking, becomes less pleasant the more inclement the weather, and the weather has been deadly inclement. So I was thinking a car would be great for going to the gym, if nothing else.

Only then it struck me that we’ve had a car in the past and it never made going to the gym any easier. I bet what would make going to the gym a *lot* easier would be to have a standing order for a taxi to show up at 7:30am three or four times a week. Calling to cancel the cab would be too much trouble pretty much all the time, so I would basically *have* to get up and be ready to go when the cab arrived. It’d be like having a gym partner, only not.

And it’d still be cheaper than having a car, by the tune of a hundred or more euro a month even if I did it daily.


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