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06 December 2009 @ 05:26 pm

We have arrived safely home again. The flights were uneventful, as they should be. On the train we were sat in front of 3 teenage girls who were being horrid in the way that only 3 teenage girls can be. (More or fewer mitigates the horror. Three is the perfect number for true awfulness.) So for two very tired adults, that was somewhat trying. I tell you what, though, there’s nothing like being around teenage girls to make me grateful that I’m no longer one myself. :)

Upon arriving home we decided we were starving, and went to look in the freezer to see if there was anything that could be made into a decent dinner. What we found was meat and blood frozen to the bottom of the freezer, and significant ice build-up on the walls and floor of it. Apparently there was a power outage of sufficient duration to make it clear we couldn’t risk eating anything in the freezer. (There was virtually nothing that perishable left in the fridge–it was all jam and mayo and cheese and butter and eggs, things that can warm without spoiling, but things which do not constitute a meal even when combined together unless there’s another element to add to the mix.) So we ordered pizza. o.o

That is, though, one way to make a person (or people) clean out a fridge/freezer. We went shopping for entirely new food this afternoon, came home, de-gunked the freezer (and the microwave, not that anything had melted in there, but as Ted said, he’d become afraid something might take his hand off every time he opened the microwave), and loaded it up with all kinds of healthy-looking foods which suggest that people who are not us live in this house. But OMG, we ate so much, and so richly, and got so little exercise while we were in the States that a diet of broiled chicken breasts, rice and steamed spinach really does sound like the way to go. It may be only the beginning of the holiday season, but we have done the Excess part to the hilt, and are for the first time in history prepared to actually eat sensibly and maintain portion control and achieve weight loss (or at the _very_ least maintenance) through December.

Boy, I’m glad to be home. :) We had a really fantastic time and I was so happy to see all the people we did, but I’m very glad to be home. :)

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Mary Annepers1stence on December 6th, 2009 07:25 pm (UTC)
welcome home!

i often find that teens are lovely as individuals (so long as one isnt their parent). but in gaggles they can be annoying. and the girls often giggle at pitches that ought to shatter glass...

so glad to not be a teen anymore. i suspect we were just as self-absorbed and annoying. oh, and angst-ridden...
tamago: Yes!tamago on December 6th, 2009 08:04 pm (UTC)
there’s nothing like being around teenage girls to make me grateful that I’m no longer one myself.

A-bloody-men! I can think of no worse hell than to endure being a teenager with only the company of other teenagers.
martianmooncrabmartianmooncrab on December 6th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
The food pyramid should be crowned with a pizza...
bookmobilerbookmobiler on December 6th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
Crowned with pizza
You mean it isn't?
martianmooncrabmartianmooncrab on December 7th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
Re: Crowned with pizza
not in the pictures I see, they must be redrawn!
dqg_nealdqg_neal on December 6th, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
Only if you add extra garlic to it. Garlic is one of the required food groups!
martianmooncrabmartianmooncrab on December 7th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
that is the Veg yes?