kit (mizkit) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and sundry!

Yesterday we bundled off to see the Forbeses, who are old family friends of mine, and spent a splendid three hours or so talking and being entertained by their 7-month-old son, who was Absolutely Fascinated by Ted. We think it was the goatee. :) And we also ran into another friend when we stopped for lunch, so yay for small towns. :)

The house is very warm with the fire going and the oven having been on since about 8am, and I have the terrible sleepies. I may be forced to go for a walk, even though it’s 5 degrees out. OTOH, 5 degrees feels pretty warm after -25. *laugh* Ted, on…Monday, I guess, when it’d warmed up, said, “See! I told you we’d acclimatize quickly! Our blood thickened right back up!” I told him I didn’t think it was that our blood had thickened at all, just that 30 degrees warmer is in fact an awful lot warmer. If it had been 5 when we got here, not -20, we’d be whining about how miserably cold 5 degrees was. :)

I’m terribly confused by being hours and hours behind people instead of hours and hours ahead. I’ve gotten used to being on Irish time and it’s bizarre to think the east coast is currently four hours ahead of me instead of five hours behind. My tiny brain cannot handle it!

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