kit (mizkit) wrote,

greetings from the fwozen north!

After the longest Thursday in history (it lasted something like 33 hours, thanks to the time change), we arrived safely in Fairbanks, where one inhalation of the brisk winter air reminded us why it is we don’t ever want to live here again. Not even a deep inhalation, you understand, because the dry cold air makes you start coughing before you can pull in enough for a *deep* inhalation. :)

I’m awfully glad to be here, though. Today was clear and (cold, obviously) utterly gorgeous. I had forgotten, kind of, how far apart things are here. We dropped Ted’s mom off for her haircut at a hairdresser several miles from where they live, which is just not at all something the Irish would generally do. We’ve gotten really used to living within a completely walkable distance of things, and I was bemused at the distances we were travelling today.

Driving on the correct side of the road hasn’t been bothering me, but I keep trying to find light switches for the bathrooms outside the bathrooms themselves. I have been changed. :)

Vague plans for Christmas shopping tomorrow. Definite plans for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner on Sunday, which, due to a fluke of circumstances, it appears Ted will be largely responsible for. Fortunately, we are all quite certain he can handle the pressure. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 68.5

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