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Fairbanks book signing!

There will be a book signing event in Fairbanks, Alaska!

Where: The Fairbanks Barnes & Noble

When: 1-4pm on Friday, November 27th, 2009

What: I will definitely be signing, and my books will be for sale. I may do a reading or two, since I’ll be there a while.

Further details: The Fairbanks B&N is leaning toward mostly bringing in copies of WALKING DEAD to sell. I’m also encouraging them to stock up on first books in all of my series, but if you’re in the Fairbanks/North Pole/Nenana/etc region and would like books other than URBAN SHAMAN, WALKING DEAD, HEART OF STONE and THE QUEEN’S BASTARD, let me strongly encourage you to call then (907-452-6400) sooner rather than later to put an order in for the books you want. It’ll encourage them to have copies on hand, and they’ll be ordering books for the signing next week, so you’ll want to move briskly!

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