kit (mizkit) wrote,

working hard

A handful of not-particularly-themed photos behind the cut…(really, I’m working hard, not procrastinating.)

Sligo countryside from our road trip a few weeks ago. I don’t often get nice landscape pictures, so I’m inflicting several on you. Or three, anyway.

This sculpture near Lough Key claims to be a “Gaelic Warrior”, but we all think it’s Queen Maebh.

And totally unrelated:

Me, hard at work. Or possibly awaiting the axe murderer creeping up on me. Mostly, probably, just trying to get a photo of my current haircut, though, because I know you’re all dying to see it.

The closet in my office is full of books I wrote. It’s ridiculous. The new mass market releases are the ones on top, but they got put back in their boxes after the picture was taken, so I could use the closet space a little more efficiently. What you can’t tell from this photo is that all three shelves are stacked double-deep and the top is triple-deep…

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