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the opposite of a college dream

This morning I had the opposite of a college dream. You know the one where it’s the end of the semester and you’ve just realized you’re on your way to a final for a class you haven’t attended all semester? That one. Only its opposite.

In this dream, I was a senior in college, living in the dorms (Maura McHugh was one of my roommates!), and I was going to all my classes. Because I was in college, I wasn’t quite aware that I must also be my current age, but I had to have been (for one thing, I knew Maura!), because I had a moderate expectation that if I went for another year after my senior year, they would give me an MFA due to my extensive publication background.

It was definitely a much *nicer* college dream than the usual one. And as I said here the other day, I thought it was only just very recently starting to sink in how much work I’ve done over the past few years. Possibly this reflects that. :)

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