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09 October 2009 @ 11:22 am

I came downstairs this morning and Ted said, “Guess who just won the Nobel Peace Prize?”

I stood there for a moment, genuinely trying to imagine who might have–Clinton? Nah.–and said, “I have no idea.”

Ted said, “Obama!”

I tell you what, I coulda stood there all day guessing and I never would have gotten it. I’m hornswoggled!

In other news, this morning I thought, hey, I’ll wear my sassy glasses this weekend, they’ll be cute with this haircut! So I put them on and took a look at myself in the mirror.

I will not be wearing my sassy glasses this weekend. o.O

Anyway, we’re off to Octocon in an hour or three, and I probably won’t be online again until Sunday evening. See you then!

miles to Morannon: 118.6
ytd wordcount: 240,000

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Earth-bound misfit: O'Reilly?captainlucy on October 9th, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
.. For not being Bush?

Seriously, though, although he may not yet have actually achieved anything (probably not helped by residual international distrust of the USA following the Shrub administration and the near-geological speed of Congress and Senate in approving almost anything) he has, at least to the rest of the world, been seen to want to use the might of his position to try to heal America's place in the world, to try to mediate and understand instead of Shock and Awe, to reduce the cause of conflict, to reduce the threat of TND while still firmly asserting that the use of terrorism is Bad And Wrong. Which is what the role of President of what is still the most powerful nation on Earth should be on the international stage.

As for the deadline being 2 weeks before he was sworn in? Well, we would need to know when he had actually been nominated, but I suspect that individuals or groups, perhaps buoyed by his victory in November, may have pre-emptively put his name forward. Yes, that's probably people buying into the hype before checking the contents, but if their nomination had been without warrant it likely would not have been shortlisted.

It's not the first time the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded for what is essentially a Work In Progress rather than for any lasting concrete progress - hell, we're 15 years down the line from Arafat, Rabin and Perez winning it and can anyone seriously say that there is peace between Palestine and Israel? 33 years ago, Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams won it, and was there peace in Northern Ireland after that? In these, and many other cases, it was awarded to people for making the effort, trying to encourage others to make the effort, or simply for being inspirational. Or, as the Nobel Foundation itself says, "...for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".
mela_lyn: Fail!mela_lyn on October 9th, 2009 12:48 pm (UTC)
It's the whole '2 weeks before he was sworn in' that bothers me. He did nothing during the time period that the committee should be looking at. He would have been campaigning during that time. He shouldn't win for campaign promises.

Maybe next year or the year after... once he's actually done something to move forward (of which I have yet to see any real efforts)... but at least then he would be eligible.