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According to my biography in the soon-to-be-released mass market edition of WINTER MOON, “[CE Murphy] writes a monthly comic book titled Excerpts.”

I said this to Ted, and said, “Now I’m very curious as to what the comic is about.”

Ted went into the kitchen, got his cereal and glass of orange juice, and came back into the computer room. “Excerpts,” he said, “is about a very rich clairvoyant who sends out teams of heroes around the world to try to prevent disasters he sees ‘excerpts’ from.”

I love my husband. :)

The other night he and I were having this discussion about (of course) what we would do if thrown back in time. To the Roman empire, in particular, this time. It was pretty clear to both of us that Ted, being a Giant who didn’t speak Latin, would obviously be considered a barbarian and end up a gladiator. And we went off on a tangent about relative height, because, well, we’d both be giants, particularly since the Romans drank leaded water which made them smaller than they might have been otherwise. And leaded water wasn’t good, of course, and we wouldn’t want to be drinking it, so–

“I don’t know, we could boil it?” I said.

“I don’t think boiling removes lead,” Ted said, and I had to agree I didn’t think so either. “You’d need to make some kind of filter,” he said thoughtfully. “I’d use charcoal, probably, and reeds–”

“In your gladiator pit,” I said, at which point we both dissolved into laughter and the conversation went no further. :)

Also, the other day we went on a Sunday Afternoon Drive because my parents had rented a car, and we stopped at the Lough Key Viewing Point, where there was a telescope you could look at Castle Key through. The instructions on the telescope were as follows:

1. insert euro coin into slot
2. push plunger
3. place child on telescope stand

“Oh no!” said me mother, “we don’t have a child!” But I boldly put a coin in anyway, and it worked without the kid. :)

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