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24 September 2009 @ 06:33 pm
just stuff  

Last night Ted made a comment which spawned the very beginnings of an idea for that environmental-themed novel I’d like to write. (Not that the link is really about the novel, it’s just the rant which caused several people to say, “Gosh, Kit, you should write a book.”) I can just barely see the shape of what I’d want to do with it, and will let it sit and will write notes when I have ideas, but man. I…would really like to tackle that someday. Sooner rather than later, because I think it’s important now, but it’s also a project I think would take a couple years to deal with, between proper research and writing, the former of which I wouldn’t even know how to begin to finance. (Oh, to be Ian McDonald.) Anyway, I have a title and some ideas for the narrative threads, and…maybe someday I can get to it.

Ted and I are missing Anchorage. O, Tommy’s Burger Stop. O, Bear Tooth Pub & Movie Theatre. O, Coastal Trail. O, Title Wave. O, Kaladi. O, Termination Dust. O, Beluga Whales. O, Basketball Courts (god knows why, but I really miss basketball courts. They’re part of the American landscape, and I just…miss them. Anyway.) We concluded that really, we’d be perfectly happy to live in Anchorage if we just had the money to get out a couple times a year. Of course, we then had to admit we’d probably be happy to live just about anywhere if we had the money to get out a couple times a year. :)

I had rather a number more things I meant to touch on in this post, but I appear to have completely blanked out on whatever they were. I need to remember to do a MW posting, but other than that, I guess I’m done here.

miles to Morannon: 104.1

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roseaponiroseaponi on September 24th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Your rant put me in mind of the situation in Cairo, for some reason... The Egyptian authorities slaughtered every pig in the country in a misguided attempt to head off swine flu. This put the trash collectors' livelihood in danger - there's a group of people who live on the outskirts, collect the trash, and feed the organic waste to the pigs, which they then eat. So now these people have no pigs, and are refusing to pick up the organic waste because they have nowhere to put it and also they are p.o.'d that the government slaughtered their pigs for no good reason.
Now, the streets of Cairo are waist-deep in garbage.
I'm not 100% sure why my brain connects this with the piddling goals set to reduce emissions. but it seems that if a country screws up implementing an environmental incentive, goes at it in a wrongheaded way, and doesn't follow through, the implications of that might be worth exploring too. Or it could be useful in figuring out just what it does take to get an entire country to take drastic action.