kit (mizkit) wrote,

quiet week

I’ve taken most of the last ten days off. I don’t remember a vacation in which I’ve done, or thought, so little about work in the past two years. It hasn’t exactly ignited a passion for work in me again, but the idea doesn’t seem entirely unbearable, which is good.

Unexpectedly got started on the RUNNING WITH THE PACK werewolf story yesterday. I believe it’s going to be a Regency tale of love and revenge. With werewolves. In 7000 words or less. o.o

Got the second set of revision notes on TRUTHSEEKER, and they are pretty much exactly what I expected them to be. Less expected are my editor’s funny apologies: the letter arrived with a subject line of “final final FINAL notes for Truthseeker!”, as if she’d sent me six or eight letters already. But no, it was just the one saying “please throw out a third of this book and rewrite the rest”.

ytd wordcount: 228,000
miles to Morannon: 76.2

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