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Note to “Hot Time” patrons:

I’ve just sent “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight” to the patron mailing list.

There are, however, still several people whose emails are listed as “unverified” on the mailing list, and I know at least a few of those people didn’t receive earlier messages from the list. The group seems to have a particular, although not exclusive, dislike of hotmail and yahoo addresses, so if you have one of those as your Paypal address (because that’s the address I’ve used for you) and haven’t gotten “Hot Time” in your inbox, please check your spam box.

If it’s not there, email me at with both your Paypal address and the address you would like me to send the novella to. I have no other way to contact you–I sent an email a couple days ago to everyone whose email was listed as “unverified” and so far only three of them have answered–and I would hate for this story to go undelivered to some of you.

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Tags: commissions, janx and daisani, novellas, old races, short stories, sustainable funding models

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