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"Hot Time" resale

Okay. So because "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" turned out much longer than I expected it to, it's being sent to its patrons on September 1.

This means that the 3-month delay before it's made available for other people to purchase has been pushed out to December 1. But that's right there in the midst of Christmas preparations, so I thought I'd ask if it would be preferable to have it then, or delayed until February, when at least some of the holiday pinch & hecticness is over.

For those coming in late, "Hot Time" is a novella of the Old Races, featuring Janx & Daisani, which has been commissioned by internet readers. The chance to buy it, whether in December or February, will be the last opportunity to get the story until it's traditionally published somewhere, which is likely to be years down the road.

It'll be a PDF download, purchasable through Paypal only, at a minimum of $10 (because that's the minimum the commission site I did this through would accept, and so retaining that price base keeps the playing field level whether you bought in as an original commissioner or are buying it later).

Poll #1447321 "Hot Time" resale

The second opportunity to buy "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" should be offered in:


The "Hot Time" teaser again:
“She was too young, even for a man with no age, but she caught his eye. Slim, dark-haired, with long fingers caught in the skirt of a shapeless dress, she was clearly not a child of wealth. She no doubt belonged to the riverboat upon which she stood, a shabby thing that had seen better days. Even so, in the fire’s light they both bent toward beauty.

It was her gaze, fixed on the sky, which arrested him. Others watched the fire, drawn in by its glow and movement, but she looked upward as though she could see what soared above the smoke. That was quite impossible: even knowing who danced there, Daisani could barely see them himself, but the girl watched as if she knew. Such seeing eyes were enough that he might have gone to her then, despite her youth, but tonight; tonight Chicago was burning.”
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