kit (mizkit) wrote,

slightly crushed

I had real hopes of finishing “Hot Time” yesterday. I wanted it to be done so I could do some polishing Monday and get it handed over to beta readers for commentary before I got it ready to send out to its patrons.

Instead I hit the novelist’s event horizon. I *know* I’m not more than 1500 words (at the most) from finished, but God, I just could not reach the end. I kept trying. The story reached Official Novella Length (17.5K) early on, but I knew it was never going to be done at that size. 18.5K, maybe, more likely 20K, possibly 21-22K. I *so* wanted to finish it. I wrote four thousand words yesterday and it hit 20.3K, but it’s Not Done Yet. I’m just slightly crushed about that. *crushy*

OTOH, its patrons will certainly be getting their money’s worth. :)

Which reminds me the next entry will be a poll determining when the chance to buy a copy of “Hot Time”, if you haven’t already bought in as a patron, should be. Here’s that poll.

thinks to do today (whittled from the general remaining thinks to do in august):
- email the dabels
- post belfast writeup/pictures
- answer fred’s email

ytd wordcount: 224,100

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