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*laugh* ah, the writer’s life

I’ve been getting happy comments from people who’ve received and read WALKING DEAD and are ready for the next one.

*laughs* No fair. I can’t keep up. :) Actually, of course, I’m way ahead of them, starting the 6th book right now, but it takes *so little* time to read a book and so long to write one, even if you write fast! Mind you, vis-a-vis wanting the last Codex Alera book RIGHT NOW, I’m just like my readers when *I’m* reading, but still!

On the other hand, I also got a comment from somebody who’d just found my books a few weeks ago, and was sad she hadn’t found me before but was glad I had a backlist of things she could catch up on, so somehow that balances it all out. It’s a funny old life. :)

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