kit (mizkit) wrote,

*lots* of miles to Rivendell

Heather's husband Dave is also walking to Rivendell with us. Except Dave's a runner, so, as Heather said, "He was that blue-and-white streak we saw go by us!" So I'll be keeping track of his miles too. I think maybe we should make Dave run to Mordor. The rest of us will just go to Rivendell. o.o Anyway, he started counting miles as of the Sunday before Heather did, which was... Heather started the 9th, so Dave started the 6th. And then mystified asked me to keep track of her miles, too.

Dave: 78.5
Catie: 43.25
Heather: 27
Jai: 26.48

Anybody else I know want me to keep track of /their/ miles to Rivendell? I'm starting to get quite the pile-up here. :)

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