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Cherie Priest silent auction

Sadly, despite my misleading blog title, Cherie Priest is not up for auction. It’s just as well; I doubt many of us could afford a Steampunk Goddess of our own.

She is, though, running a silent auction as a fundraiser for a friend of hers who’s had a run of insanely bad luck. She’s got a bunch of rare, hard-to-find, or not-yet-out books of hers up for auction, and is taking bids via email. There’s also a direct donation button if you feel moved to just send a few bucks his way.

On a completely other topic, why is it that it’s so hard to assign oneself a schedule outside of someone or something else enforcing it? Writing, yes, I manage the writing thing daily, but there are so many other things I’d like to do (practice the tin whistle, draw more, study Spanish) that I can’t ‘make time’ for. I need, like, a classroom schedule. An hour for this, an hour for that, four hours for writing, two hours for exercise… It’s not like I don’t make my own schedule, so why’s that so hard to do?

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