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why do i go to extremes?

I made the sage observation to my mother this morning that I’m not very good at not going to extremes. She said, “No kidding. It’s good you’ve discovered that.”

*laughs* I /am/ aware of it. In this particular care I mentioned it because I’ve started swimming again and I started at a measly 1K instead of a mile, because I’m trying hard to build a habit instead of over-doing it and stopping again. I have two more 1K swims before I step up to 1500 meters. But Mom said she’d been looking at my recent blogs and thinking, “She needs to slow down. Just because she has an idea doesn’t mean she has to implement it immediately.”

What a strange and interesting and foreign idea that is. But I do know it, really: you should see the list of projects I’m *not* working on. The Fundable idea really caught my fancy, and seemed worth giving a shot immediately (though it would’ve been smarter to not offer my Facebook fan page readers a Walker Papers story at the same time, duh, but OTOH, I didn’t put a time limit on that one), but the CC thing is much too big a project to deal with this year, possibly where ‘year’ means ‘the 12 (or more) months beginning July 2009′. I’m not trying to fit the Walker Papers Junior stories into my schedule, even though it’s a great idea and I’d love to write them. The list of projects I’m *not* working on is much longer than the one I *am* working on…but I’m aware that the list I *am* working on is probably on the extreme side. I’m not entirely sure how to stop that, either.

I mean, on my current list of things to do, 3 are negotiable: the graphic novel proposals and submitting a writer’s portfolio to Marvel. But I’ve finished the Chance GN proposal anyway, and there’s some momentum with that since the first GN is coming out in November, so it’s a good thing to have done. The second’s been on the table for a year now, and if I put together a script and synopsis then the whole thing turns into my artist’s problem for a while, so it doesn’t seem all that overwhelming to me. The Marvel app may wait until I’ve actually got the fifth Chance issue in my hot little hands, so it’s not hugely pressing. And the rest of it is stuff I actually have to do: the Old Races short story, the proposal for the sixth Walker Papers, the revisions on DEMON HUNTS…those are definitely July projects!

That still all looks like too much work/going to extremes, doesn’t it? *headdesk* Someday perhaps I’ll manage to find the actual balancing point…

(Actually, no real head-desking going on, I’m really feeling quite cheerful and enthused about things right now. Exercise does that to me. :))

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