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Bryant has got me thinking all sorts of thoughts now, with regards to not only sustainable funding models (I love that phrase. I could use it six times a day!), but also about direct marketing models and, tangently, Creative Commons Licensing.

Essentially, a creative work licensed under CC is an open invitation to play in someone else’s sandbox. There are a variety of licenses available which offer lesser or greater opportunity to play. The most restrictive is a redistribute-only license; the least restrictive is “give me credit on this, and you may go forth and make money from this if you can”.

I think it’s an inherently awesome idea. I’d love to develop something under CC at some juncture (no, it will not be any of my current published works, those are all copyrighted and my publishers really would not understand), just to release it into the wild and see if anybody found something to run with. CENTENARIAN, which I have vague ideas of making my Experimental Development Book, seems like the most obvious potential piece to license under creative commons. It’s a thought, so it is!

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