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Ok, here’s what I’m going to do with “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, as well as any other stories I might eventually put up for commission.

The commission window is open through July 7th. If you pledge during that time you’ll receive the story on August 7th as one of the original commissioners.

In November, I will open up a “buy it now” option where you can buy the story directly from me for a minimum of $10 (the minimum amount required by Fundable, just to keep the playing field level, and you can pay more if you want, just like through Fundable). That “buy it now” option will be available from November 7 to November 30, so approximately the same number of days the Fundable option is available.

After November 30, the only way the story will be available will be if I find a short story market to sell it to, or eventually through an anthology. So there you go: those are your two chances at buying in to a CE Murphy short story. :)

Okay, I’ll post one more time next Monday or Tuesday before the window closes, and I promise to shut up about this in the meantime. :)

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Tags: commissions, old races, short stories, sustainable funding models
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