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I have rapidly deduced that the problem with the bicycle is that it will cut into my Walk to Rivendell quite dramatically. I’m going to have to put some actual effort into going out for a daily walk, and I’m not likely to get anywhere near the 10K steps one is ’supposed’ to manage. OTOH, I swam yesterday and today too, which has to go in the plus column for the bike.

I am beating my head against revisions. At some point one of us will emerge bloody and victorious, but I’m not sure it’s me right now. I’ve clawed my way past page 300 after spending most of the day trying to remove pages from a chapter that was just too goddamned long. I have at least two more scenes that need POV-switching, and I have to decide if the new bit I introduced earlier is going to come back in immediately or in the second book, but actually besides that it might not be so bad, because the rest of the book is from the heroine’s POV anyway. Maybe I can finish this revision pass tomorrow after all.

I need to email my colorist and my letterer and do a Magical Words post. *whimpers* I have no brain left.

eta: ok, lithera just totally made my day with this video. :)

ytd km swum: 45.7
ytd wordcount: 190,000

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