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shoes. finally.

After a ridiculous number of attempts, I have shoes that do not hurt my feet. That is good. I also got 2600 words written on the train commute. That is also good. And believe I have ended up, via these massive revisions, with a scenario that will permit me to write a third book in this series if my editor wants one. That’s good too.

The drunk asshole on the train who made fun of my hat and upset my tummy by doing so is less good. It’s a very cute hat, I know he was drunk and an asshole, but wow, it’s amazing how a random stranger’s nastiness can puncture a person.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to put my new shoes on my feet, get on my newly-fixed bicycle, bike over to the pool, and swim. So mote it be.

But right now I’m going to the war room. *shakes spear, runs off*

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