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Dude! The bidding on the auction items (Tuckerization here, gift basket here) shot up after yesterday’s post. There will be a give-away of A FANTASY MEDLEY advanced reader copy on…Tuesday, June 2, because I’ll be on vacation on the 1st. :)

If the combined price of both items goes past, let’s see, what’s dramatic enough? The combined price is currently at $305. If it goes past $450 I’ll write a new Walker Papers or Old Races short story (the high bidders get to choose) for my insanely generous blog readers.

You people are so cool. :)

The Inheritors’ Cycle make an appearance at Balticon, where cypherindigo informs me that the piles got steadily smaller all weekend. I really *do* have the most awesome readers. Thank you, Mary. Thank you all. *beams* (You know, I don’t think I’ve put them together like that before. Those really are pretty covers, aren’t they?)

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