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and it’s off!

DEMON HUNTS is revised, spell-checked, and submitted. 8-ball, I never knew thee.

…of course, this is what being out from behind the 8-ball looks like:

- revisions on “Cairn Dancer”, which must be done by mid-next-week because
- my editor’s request for revisions on TRUTHSEEKER were “do you think maybe you can cut a third of the book and replace it with something else? *binkbink*?”
- and then I need to write the proposal for the sixth (SIXTH!) Walker Papers novel
- before writing WAYFINDER, the sequel to TRUTHSEEKER
- after which I have to write a Janx short story

Plus there are 3 manuscripts I need to read, and I need to put together a proposal for the 2nd Chance graphic novel, and the Mia thing, which someday I will think of a title for. Speaking of that last, I need to email Lanny. *emails*

Anyway, I have the weekend OFF. And so does Ted! We may go to Dublin tomorrow. Oot!

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