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cake or death?

Ok, it’s more like “errands or work”, but “cake or death” is much more interesting. I have this grumpy feeling I need to do a bunch of errands today (though really the only critical one is going to the post office) and an equally grumpy feeling that I’ve already put off starting work so long that I won’t finish the revisions on DEMON HUNTS and get it turned in. It’s also grey and dismal and raining, all of which combines to really make me feel a lot more like sitting on the couch watching Buffy all day instead of doing any work.

*mutters and goes to work for an hour, at least*

(Aww, *crap*, I totally forgot to post on Magical Words yesterday. I’ve lost track of what day it is. Dammit!)

miles to Minas Tirith: 280

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