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I done doed it.

After poking around on the net all day I came across, which appears to have pretty much all the formatting elements I want out of a calendar-creator, so I went ahead and made an Ireland 2010 calendar.

It’s 14 photographs, including the front and back covers, and I have been nervy and put the price for a standard-sized calendar at $25. On one hand, that seems like rather a lot, but on the other, their base price is about $21, so if I want to make any money at all, it has to be above that. Also, if you bought 5×7″ digital prints of each of those photos from me it’d run you $140+, so really it’s probably quite a bargain. :)

I’ve ordered one myself so I can examine the quality. If I think it’s hideous I’ll take it down, but I’m hoping it’ll turn out nicely. I’ll keep you posted. I know you’re dying to hear.

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