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For some ungodly reason* I woke up at 6:19 this morning, and after a desultory lying-about for half an hour or so, got up and went for a 4.5 mile walk around swimming.

I came home to an email full of character sketches for a graphic novel idea I’m developing with artist Lanny Liu, some of which were so perfect they made me laugh. There’s nothing quite like sending pages full of words off to someone and getting pages full of pictures back. :)

Then I finished reading the first of Laura Anne Gilman’s Vineart War books, FLESH & FIRE, which you don’t get to read until October, but which you will want to then. I thought the conceit was terrific–a world in which magic is the Vineart, based in grapes and wines–when she blogged about it (what must have been forever ago although it seems very recent). She’s not only done the idea justice, but has made the process fascinating (even to me, who actively dislikes wine!). And now I am kind of staring at my watch going “Ok, I know she’s writing the next book during the word wars as soon as she gets finished with revisions on that other book of hers, how can I hurry this along?”

Some days this job doesn’t suck. :)

I’ll be late for word wars today, because I said to the tattooing hairdresser man that any time today was fine for a haircut appointment and he chose 2pm, which of course isn’t really the best time for me, but at that point I didn’t care.

miles to Minas Tirith: 263.5

*The ungodly reason would be having been asleep before 10:30 last night due to sheer physical exhaustion.

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