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Not spoilery, I don’t think, but with commentary:

Ok, I went in expecting it to suck. I hoped it wouldn’t, but I went in expecting them to fuck it up every minute of the way, and they continually didn’t fuck it up, so basically I was happy with the film. Two thumbs up.

I liked the Creed/Logan relationship a *lot*. I thought it worked better than any of the various comic-book versions, and I liked how much time they spent developing it. And Liev was a *fantastic* Sabretooth. I loved him.

I don’t even *like* Ryan Reynolds, but there wasn’t enough Deadpool. So he apparently done good.

Gambit, astonishingly, didn’t suck. The accent, unbelievably, was good. The powers–I’ve seen people bitching, all ZOMG what is he like a TEKE now what with all the card-throwing we saw in the trailers, but in fact while there was less pink, more boom than in the comics, I genuinely thought they’d done a really good job of showing what his powers would look like *in action*, as opposed to the still frames of comics. It was a little *different*–again, less pink more boom, but I thought the way he used his powers, particularly with regards to his staff, worked really well. I would have done his eyes differently, in the same way I’d have done Rogue’s hair differently, but I’m willing to accept how they *did* do it.

Emma was not what I expected. I am highly interested to see if they go on with her.

My biggest bitch with the film was they used too much CGI. CGI claws when it wasn’t necessary; when it was, in fact, distracting, CGI Sabes doing things I don’t view as very Sabes-like, overblown effects that would’ve looked better done with wires instead of the not-quite-real-enough CGI, stuff like that. I wasn’t crazy about the cinematic choices in some of the fight scenes–I wanted them clearer so I could see the throw-downs better–but really, that’s my biggest complaint. I thought the story was solid and I was surprisingly happy with it.

Also, the bit after the credits, which is reportedly different in different countries, made me squee happily. So there you go!

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