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Yesterday morning at about five to seven, or possibly five to six, I half woke up and had this idea for book titles in my head. I’d even gotten a cover image (which to the best of my ability to recall even by the time I’d half woken up was “a wall of flame”, not exactly inspiring in terms of cover imagery), and I knew from experience that if I didn’t write the titles down, even though they seemed REALLY MEMORABLE just then, I wouldn’t remember them when I properly woke up. So I pulled open the bedside drawer and began rooting around to find the journal I keep in there. (This ultimately involved throwing all of my underwear on the floor, because I was insufficiently awake to root successfully.)

Anyway, after a minute of fumbling I pulled the journal out and started scribbling.

“Whew!” said Ted, brightly. “I thought I was in trouble, there!”

*giggles out loud*

miles to Minas Tirith: 206

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