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Ted and I went out for a walk in reasonably fine weather and in short order got pelted by ice-cold rain and a vicious wind. It was miserable enough to be funny. We spent the rest of the day in our jammies being nuggly and warm, because man, that was cold!

Good writing day today. Thanks to a couple of short-ish chapters and the few hundred words I did last Friday to break 30K on the book, I actually reached my tipping-point chapter today: I’ve finished 3 chapters this week, and it’s only Tuesday. That’s a big win. And I crested the 1/3rd mark in the book, so all around pretty satisfactory. There’s a moderately good possibility that I’ll hit 200 pages by the end of the week, although if I don’t it’s no big deal.

Sorry, guys, that’s it. I’m writing. My life is wordcount. There is no Zuul.

ytd wordcount: 111,600
miles to Minas Tirith: 180

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