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07 April 2009 @ 12:52 pm
books! contests! books!  

I have received in the mail a small box of A FANTASY MEDLEY and a large box of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN. The TPC contest is still open for about four more hours, so if you want to cast THE QUEEN’S BASTARD as a way to potentially win a copy, you should hasten to do that.

Many people said “Gosh, I could do this with the Old Races or the Walker Papers”, and so, because there will be no more Negotiator books, I will give you the opportunity to win a copy of A FANTASY MEDLEY, which has a Janx & Daisani story in it, by casting the Negotiator trilogy. My favorite cast list gets a copy of the anthology. Major characters: Margrit Knight, Alban Korund, Grace O’Malley, Janx, Daisani, Kaimana, Cole, Cameron, Tony. Bonus points for casting any of the following: Margrit’s parents, Chelsea, Russell, Cara, Tariq, Biali, Malik, Ausra, Kate, Ursula, Sarah, Hajnal.

It isn’t necessary to cast all of them. It’s not even necessary to cast most of them. Just have fun with it. :) I’ll close the contest a week from now, at about noon Eastern time on Tuesday April 14th.

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kitmizkit on April 7th, 2009 12:04 pm (UTC)
Legolas McGeeseveredscythe on April 7th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
My work here is done! *flounces into the night like an overgrown, arthritic bat*
Astres - Kate L.: Art // Anime // Arumiastres on April 7th, 2009 02:04 pm (UTC)
oOo! I want that A FANTASY MEDLEY (Darn shipping costs to Canada).

Okay *rubs hands together* I don't remember too many of the physical descriptions, so you'll just have to let a bit of that slide and settle for essence of character.

Margrit Knight - NOT HALLE BERRY. Nicole Lyn http://www.mixedfolks.com/images/nicolelyn.jpg

Alban Korund - http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/images/gargoyles_cast.gif Look! Margrit's in there, too!

Grace O'Malley (Love!!!!) - Zoe Saldana http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0757855/

Janx - Leonardo Nam http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1211344/

Daisani - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0874339/ HAHAHAHHA With the same hair.

Kaimana - Rawiri Paratene http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0660984/

Cole - Josh Hartnett like in Lucky number Slevin http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001326/

Cameron - Scarlett Johansson http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0424060/

Tony - Benjamin Bratt but bulked up a bit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000973/

Margrit's Mom - Diane Kruger: http://pics.livejournal.com/astres/pic/000cw5w9

Chelsea Huo - Seo In Young ( http://pics.livejournal.com/astres/pic/000cxkk7 ) or Lucy Liu (cut her hair, though)

Bonus kick ass Gargoyle (not a joke, I swear!) images:
Lady Doomlithera on April 7th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
*wibbles just a little bit* No more... Sad....

And I'd love to cast them but I'm horrible at it. Really just... awful. I rarely get good pictures of characters in my head.
kitmizkit on April 7th, 2009 03:40 pm (UTC)
I never do, but I think it's fun to see what other people say. :)

I have vague hopes of doing an Old Races anthology at some point. I'm thinking of running a second contest wherein people suggest short story ideas and I, uh, steal them. :)
Lady Doomlithera on April 7th, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
I'm more than happy to give ideas to people who can actually DO things with them.
Brian: evil kitty laughlogrusboy on April 7th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
So long as you don't go all Piers Anthony on us, needing to stick an appendix at the end of each book listing all the "contributors".

On the other hand, he did sell a lot of books that way....
Alix (Tersa): Hazel-Rah (tersa)tersa on April 7th, 2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
Take Two
DAMMIT. Lost my proto list. :P Do over!


I already have a copy of A FANTASY MEDLEY on its way to ME, but since I had someone spring to mind for me immediately for Magrit, I decided, what the hell.

Margrit Knight - Monica Raymund

Alban Korund - Dolph Lundgren (I'm dating myself, aren't I. :)

Grace O’Malley - Annie Lennox

Janx - Jackie Early Haley (I just loved him as a red-headed Rorschach). Or if you're looking for someone older and Asian, François Chau.

Daisani - Aidan Gillen (IMDB)

Kaimana - Ron Darling (IMDB)

Tony - Daniel Sunjata

Cara - Eliza Dushku

Chelsea - Ling Bai

Malik - Oded Fehr

I wish I could cast Cole and Cameron, but I simply don't have a strong enough mental image of their characters. Meh.

(I'm having obssessive-compulsive disorder over this. Hee. :)

Edited at 2009-04-08 06:06 pm (UTC)
kitmizkit on April 9th, 2009 10:36 am (UTC)
Re: Take Two
*laughs* But I'm loving the OCD!
Alix (Tersa): Toast---silly tongue (tersa)tersa on April 10th, 2009 12:57 am (UTC)
Re: Take Two
You would. :P :)

Fortunately (for me), I think I've run out of ideas!
Alix (Tersa): 7th Sea (kathlaw)tersa on April 14th, 2009 06:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Take Two
I know it's after the cut-off, but I DON'T CARE. :)

(ETA) Malik: Ghassan Massoud (IMDB)

I lied. I think Massoud would make a better Malik and Oded Fehr a better Tarik. And now I'm probably spelling the character's name wrong since I don't have it up in front of me.

Edited at 2009-04-14 06:34 pm (UTC)
the divine sitcom: oncoming storm ❀ Your pawns bishops andnogitsune on April 7th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
Does hair color have to match up perfectly? Because I have a few people in mind for Janx, they would just have to do some sort of dye-job.
kitmizkit on April 7th, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, no. Even my own idea for Janx isn't a redhead. :)
the divine sitcom: abstract ❀ when the stars alignnogitsune on April 7th, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm sort of going by who I think would best be able to play the parts, as opposed to hair/eye color. Bad me!
kitmizkit on April 7th, 2009 08:59 pm (UTC)
No, no, that makes perfect sense. :)
Brian: Horrible: Geniuslogrusboy on April 7th, 2009 10:11 pm (UTC)
Through the magic of computers, it no longer matters what your hair or eye colors are. Skin will probably be next.

Oh, and I love the icon. Another member of the "Pluto will *always* be a planet to me" club! :)
the divine sitcom: mad science ❀ dance with younogitsune on April 14th, 2009 08:02 am (UTC)
This is quite true. Ahhh, colored contacts.

And yes! Pluto was always my favorite. I don't think I'll ever truly get over the demotion. I have to return the icon-love! I can't seem to get sick of Doctor Horrible.
Brianlogrusboy on April 14th, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
Poor Pluto! Bad enough it was always getting mixed up with Mickey Mouse's dog. Now it doesn't even get to be a planet any more. Breaks my heart, it does.

And you're a Horribleist too? Crap! I'm going to have to friend you, aren't I?
Big Ferretbigferret on April 7th, 2009 07:28 pm (UTC)
I wish I was creative enough to come up with some of these!

I like what is here so far!
sherinnicole on April 14th, 2009 05:38 am (UTC)
I posted this over on mizkit.com earlier but couldn't resist adding images... This was a lot of fun!

Margrit Knight: Monica Raymund
Alban Korund: Alexander Skarsgård
Grace O’Malley: Holly Hunter
Tony: Bradley Cooper
Janx: Luke Goss
Daisani: Olivier Martinez
Kaimana: Jason Scott Lee
Biali: Benicio Del Toro
Rebecca Knight: Lynn Whitfield
Mr. Knight: Ron Canada
Malik: Saïd Taghmaoui
Hajnal: Saffron Burrows
Asura: Morena Baccarin
the divine sitcom: camera ❀ sour thoughts are dancing nownogitsune on April 14th, 2009 08:00 am (UTC)
My mind just seems awfully strange like this...

Margrit Knight -- Naomie Harris

Alban -- I don't get it. I keep getting stuck at David Boreanaz. I'm not really happy with that though. Urgh?

Janx -- Cillian Murphy

Daisani -- Dylan Moran

Grace O' Malley -- Kristen Bell

Kaimana-- Drawing a blank, sorry.

Cole-- Chris Lowell

Cameron-- Jessica Szohr

Tony-- Jeffrey Donovan

Margrit's Mother -- Adjoa Andoh

Cara-- Azura Skye

If I wake up before noon, I'll see if I can think of anyone else.