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first lines meme

Meme picked up from calene and porphyrin: Post the first few sentences of various things I intend to finish someday.

Ok. At least, I'll post what I've got on this computer, anyway. :)

THE SEVEN AND THE NINE: Air bubbled and burst with such force that drops of water, cold enough to burn, splashed onto the Inquisitor's hand.

MANIFEST DESTINY: Revon glanced at the sky through a tall window, lead supporting panes of hand-shaped glass.

FOOL'S GOLD: Everybody's saying how normal I am.

THE QUEEN'S BASTARD: "It cannot be found out."

UNTITLED ANTIHERO BOOK: She hadn't seen the sun in fourteen years.

THE END OF DAYS: They say a decade isn't measured by the zeroes at the end of the Years Of Our Lord, but by the events that shape it.
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