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I fear today may be a day of many posts. I’m finding–not just today, when I’m trying to get JvC started, but in general–that I’m spending a great deal of time screwing around when I’m at Nook, my writing computer. It’s the moral equivalent of playing Solitaire all the time, although I don’t actually have any games on that computer anymore. But I blew through the last chapter of TRUTHSEEKER when I moved to the laptop, so I’m kind of thinking that perhaps I’m desperately in need of a change of venue*. The liveblogging thing helped me too, although probably if I do that I’ll put it on toonowrimo, my writing community.

The problem with writing at the laptop is my shoulder, which is already not keen on the idea. I’m trying to figure out if I can stabilize myself sufficiently that it won’t be a problem, although the inherent shape of the keyboard /is/ a problem. And no, I don’t think attaching a different keyboard would actually solve the trouble, but thanks for suggesting it. Typing with only my left hand would solve it, but I’m too well-trained a typist to do that; I just pretty much couldn’t type at *all* when my right hand was broken/sprained/whatever happened to it. So I don’t know. I may have to just really suck it up and force the issue at the writing computer, but meh. Sitting somewhere else would be nice.

*What I’m really in desperate need of is six or twelve months off, but I’m not going to get that, so I’m trying the change of venue thing.

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