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31 March 2009 @ 09:53 am

I have just received two early copies of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN. It is, in my ever-so-humble opinion, absolutely beautiful. In fact, it’s so pretty it makes me want to re-read it, which isn’t all that usual. :)

So! I have two copies. One must go on my Shelf Of Books I Wrote, but the other, I think, cries out to be sent into the world. So there will be a contest!

Ted has suggested a Casting Call Contest. I will be the director. You will be the Casting Agents. The book will go to the person who builds what is to my mind the best complete cast for THE QUEEN’S BASTARD. The integral characters, therefore, are Belinda Primrose, Robert Drake, Lorraine Walter, Sandalia de Costa, Javier de Castille, Eliza Beaulieu, Marius Poulin, and Sacha Asselin. Bonus points for also casting Dmitri Leontyev, Rodrigo de Costa, Irina Durova, and Akilina Pankejeff. And I’ll be really impressed if you also cast Viktor, Ilyana and the gondola boy. :)

The parts don’t have to be cast with current actors, I wouldn’t say, or people at their current ages. That makes it more fun, I think. :)

Here’s the catch: I only have the one copy to send out, and this post goes out at mizkit.com, cemurphy.net, mizkit.livejournal.com, Facebook, and if I can figure out how to make it work automatically, at Myspace. I expect answers will come in from most of those places, so you might not see the winning entry wherever you actually do your own answering. I will, of course, post the winning entry here.

Let’s see. I’ll choose a winner Thursday evening my time, so we’ll call the contest closed at noon EST on Thursday, April 2.

Have at!

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ruford42 on March 31st, 2009 01:57 pm (UTC)
Ahh... Being a guy who can't even name but a handful of actors counts sooo against me, then again the guy part might be an even larger handicap as well my mind sorta stops with the shot panning in on the rise and fall of a bared back before swinging around to catch the throat and uplifted face of Jennifer Gardner as Belinda Primrose (Like come on, who else am I going to imagine as a dastardly female spy anyway?! Well maybe Peta Wison who would make a yummy Eliza) -- though it's at this point I sort of forget to try to look down and figure out who in the world might be playing Victor...

Arghhh...Guess I'm waiting on Amazon's release :)