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Ok. I have done some work which I have been, for honestly no discernible reason, been putting off for about two weeks. I’d use my shoulder as an excuse for having not done it before now (it was color notes for the free comic book day issue of Chance), but really, I’ve typed as much over the past week as was necessary to do the color notes, so I have no idea what my problem was. Anyway, it’s done now, which means only a miracle is required to get the rest of the Chance stuff done and then it’ll be, well, finished. (Due to circumstances beyond his control, Ardian’s unable to finish the fifth issue, so Aleksandar Sotirovski, who is my artist-for-the-next-story-arc-assuming-we-get-a-next-story-arc, is finishing it up on very short notice. He’s a terrific artist and I can’t wait to see what he does.) And then I get to start putting together the extras for the graphic novel, which reminds me that I need to email Ursula.

*does that*

‘k, my shoulder’s kind of doing better, so I’m going to get offline so I don’t aggravate it. *scoots*

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