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1 down, 34530987 to go…

I have nearly finished the AAs for WALKING DEAD. The rest of the afternoon will be spent reading the last few chapters and typing them in so they’re no longer a burden on my tiny little mind.

I’ve also, much more satisfactorily–which should tell you how fond I am of doing AAs–finished converting back over to WordPress and hacking it until it looks like the rest of the site. The biggest advantage to this is it allows individual entries instead of the flat file I had, but having comments available again is nice too. :)

After the AAs are sent off I need to do a newsletter, because among other things, I’m going to be doing an all-day interview at Bitten By Books on Tuesday this week. I’ll post a reminder on Tuesday, but you should drop by and try to win an ARC of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN.

It’s been an utterly slug-like weekend. I’ve barely left the house. It’s been alternating between being really gorgeous and absolutely pissing rain, with an emphasis on the latter, which hardly encourages one to go anywhere. So yesterday I watched six episodes of Doctor Who: that was my big effort for the day. :) (Well, that and stayed up too late working on, but that might actually qualify as work, so I’m allowing myself to forget about it.)

Right. Off to finish the AAs.

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